More About Jenny, Your Celebrant

While the advice that is most commonly given is that you should find a celebrant who you click with, who you like, there are also quite a few very important things you need to know about any celebrant you might be considering.  If you don't click, the day and the ceremony could be uncomfortable, but if your celebrant doesn't have the knowledge, the skills, and for a legal marriage and therefore may not deliver a personal, meaningful and stress-free ceremony, it could be a disappointment, but you'd still be legally married. If your celebrant is not authorised to solemnise legal marriages, it will be a disaster.
  • Yes, I am authorised.
    On 2 September 2006, I was appointed by the Australian Attorney-General to conduct civil marriage ceremonies in compliance with the requirements of the Marriage Act. I dutifully complete the compulsory 5 hours of ongoing professional development early each year, and pay the annual fee to continue my registration the minute the invoice arrives.
  • My business is registered
    ABN 54 113 250 110
  • I'm a full-time celebrant who does not have any obligations to anyone or anything that may compromise my capacity to meet your needs or to attend on the day of your ceremony
  • I have multiple qualifications in celebrancy - all with High Distinction. I also have other general academic qualifications and experience all of which have given me a wide range of skills and knowledge relevant to being a celebrant
  • I keep learning and thinking, not just through the compulsory professional development, but through reading and keeping up with trends in the wedding industry (to say nothing of my large and growing library of relevant material)
  • I am a Secular Humanist, so I strongly affirm the dignity of every human being, adhere to strong ethical standards in the way I operate my business and the way I treat others. While I focus on delivering meaningful non-religious ceremonies I also respect the spiritual beliefs of those, so,  if you wish, I'm very open to including expressions of your spirituality in your ceremony.
  • As a passionate advocate for Equality of all types, so I welcome all clients with open arms, regardless of who you are, who you love, what language you speak, or where you come from. I love creating ceremonies that respectfully integrate a couple's differing cultures. What makes us all human is how similar we are, and this is what I emphasise in all ceremonies.
  • My business philosophy is informed by my belief in you and your vision for your ceremony, so I focus on not following the pack. What this means is that I do not provide standard ceremonies indistinguishable from the many ceremonies you've experienced as a guest - ceremonies that frankly alienate and bore the guests and do little to enhance relationships.
  • I deliver only personal custom-created ceremonies
  • My fees are open and transparent
  • I'm a bit of a bush lawyer so I have made sure that I really do know the ins and outs of what the law requires when it comes to getting married
  • While I'm organised and obsessive about legal and other details, I'm not a control freak!  I don't need to obsessively control every part of the ceremony. I'm relaxed about spontaneity, about not being the person who does all the talking (though I'm happy to be that person if you wish), and have offered unstructured (which does not mean unprepared) free-flowing ceremonies for many years, along with more formal ceremonies where you get to see the whole script well before the ceremony.
  • My default position is to think  "how could this go wrong?" So I think things through and make sure we have in place measures to avoid that happening
  • I am well-spoken and well presented. I dress for all ceremonies in an elegant and understated way that conveys my respect for the occasion and does not compete for attention.
  • Your photographs and videos are important to me, so I keep them in mind when drafting your ceremony and when discussing the ceremony with you. And my experience as a choreographer helps a lot too.
  • I'm a team player, so I work with you as essential members of the team, and on the day work as part of the whole team that is responsible for the success of your ceremony
  • I am accredited by the Australian Bridal Industry Academy and by Ethical Wedding Professionals
  • I am a member of the International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants and of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants
  • I'm fully insured
    I am delighted to have a reputation for providing high quality ceremonies and service, but I'm also a belt-and-braces person, so I'm fully insured for both Public and Professional Liability.
  • I've got it covered
    As a member of the largest celebrant association in Australia I have a network of celebrants colleagues, so in the unlikely event of my being unable to conduct your ceremony (which would only be in the case of sudden illness) a replacement celebrant will be available to step in.

Where I am

I am based in the western suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and conduct ceremonies throughout Brisbane, Ipswich, Redlands, Redcliffe, Logan, Pine Rivers and surrounding areas.