Jennifer Cram Brisbane Marriage Celebrant; The
              Celebrant Who Gives You More:Statice on wooden background.
              In the Victorian language of flowers, statice, also called
              sea-lavender or marsh rosemary, symbolises remembrance and

Jennifer Cram
Brisbane Humanist Marriage Celebrant
aka The Celebrant Who Gives You More

Please call me Jenny. All my friends do. And I hope that we will become firm friends as we work together to  create a ceremony that is a perfect mix of laughter and tears, of serious words and light-hearted expressions, of words to listen to, actions to look at, symbolism to internalise, and interaction between you and your guests as well as between your guests and me, your celebrant.

So what do I do differently? Quite simple. Most ceremonies, wedding ceremonies especially, start with a pre-determined standard structure to which you might add some personalisation to put your stamp on the ceremony.

I turn that on its head, because, in order to make the ceremony truly yours, and really about you, we need to start with you. Who you are, what makes you tick, what dreams and ideas you have. And then we allow that to inform, guide, and determine the structure of the ceremony. And that applies equally regardless of whether it is a wedding, commitment, naming, renewal of vows, or other ceremony.

Becoming a marriage celebrant has been one the best decisions I've ever made. It is both a privilege and a pleasure to work with couples (and individuals) to turn hopes and ideas into a beautiful, meaningful ceremony.

A little about me. I am a professional, accredited, independent, award-winning marriage celebrant who encourages you to think outside the box. Getting married, or organising a ceremony to celebrate a significant life event, shouldn't be hard. So I work hard to make the process straightforward and focused on what you want and on how you want your ceremony to look and feel. I give you more ... more Time, more Attention, more Creativity, more Information, more Resources, and more Autonomy. Basically, I give you all the ideas, knowledge, suggestions, and freedom you need to have a ceremony that is everything it could be, and should be, because life's too short for boring!

Jennifer was wonderful. The ceremony was relaxed and enjoyable. Our guests all enjoyed the ceremony and all commented on Jennifer's knowledge and passion for the process.
Allan and Claire

Our guests all commented afterward that Jenny was an engaging celebrant and the ceremony was more interesting and personal than a regular wedding. - Jamie and Michael

Jenny is knowledgeable, prompt, appropriately attired, excellent value for money, and most importantly to us, very precise with legal paperwork. Jenny is 100% professional and she WONT let you down! Don't worry about the rest, she's the best! -
Rebekah and Glen

Thank you so much for helping us make our wedding day the success that it was. You made the process so easy for us so we could focus on other details. Again. Thank you so much!! Lotsa love - Rod and Yohan xoxoxo

Jennifer’s calm and thoughtful approach encouraged us to make it entirely our own, with all of the bits we wanted and none of the long winded elements that are so often part of a wedding. - De and Graham

After much research we approached Jennifer to officiate our commitment ceremony five years ago. This was followed by our parents 65th wedding anniversary reaffirmation of vows. When same sex marriage became legal in Australia we immediately booked Jennifer to formalise our union, one of the first in the country and Jennifer's first. As always Jennifer performed her duties as a consummate professional, conducting our ceremony in a warm compassionate manner. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jennifer. - Craig and James

The written information you gave us was wonderful, as was the process of creating and developing the ceremony. The way you performed the ceremony on the day was extraordinarily simple and lovely. - Zino and Gboyega

The process was simple for us, so very simple & effortless. We were given plenty of information, and we absolutely loved Jennifer sharing her knowledge of customs & traditions of different cultures, her background knowledge is absolutely incredible. - Brandon and Nicole

You were able to weave a personal and unique ceremony from our answers to your questionnaire. We were most impressed with how you delivered a ceremony that was a true reflection of us. It went beyond our expectations and we would highly recommend you as would many of our guests.  -
Eileen and Miles

I love working with you - you are always so professional and caring plus we have a stack of fun.
I love how it's always about the bride and groom and what they are about and what they want. With you no request from them is too much trouble. You are an angel xoxo
Sheila Sissons Photography

As effortlessly as you delivered the whole ceremony, the guests would not have known how much work you had put in to making our day as wonderful as it was. We knew!!  Gratefully - Hanna and Mark

The way you conduct a ceremony is amazing.  You make the guests feel like you've known us for years. - Emma and Jeremy

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