Jennifer Cram, not your average bland and boring
Jenny Cram - a very different celebrant
I'm NOT going to tell you I'm awesome, or funny, or quirky, or hip, or vibrant. It's not about me, it's about you. Your ceremony. Your day. Your style. I can be all of those things, but really, what matters is that I will make sure that your ceremony includes only what you want.
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The next step is for Parliament to pass legislation that amends the Marriage Act to allow couples who do not fit into the current narrow "a man and a woman" definition, to legally marry.
Once that happens, and the consequent administrative changes have been made to forms, the legal side of getting married is quite simple.
  1. You have to give Notice of your intention to marry to your celebrant at least a full calendar month before the big day
  2. You have to show your celebrant proof of your date and place of birth (birth certificate or passport), together with photo ID.
  3. If either of you has been married before you have to show proof of how that marriage ended (divorce or death certificate)
  4. You have to sign a Declaration of No Legal Impediment to the Marriage quite close to the big day
  5. On the day you have to have two adult witnesses present. They do not have to be Australian citizens or residents.
  6. Your celebrant still has to recite a passage from the Marriage Act which includes the legal definition of marriage, which now reads "the union of two people"
  7. You have to say certain words to create the marriage
  8. You, your witnesses and the celebrant have sign the Register and the certificates
And then, you get to live happily ever after as Mrs&Mrs, Mr&Mr, or Mr&Mrs, as the case may be.
  • Without insisting that you devote hours and hours to meeting with me, I spend time getting to know you, both face-to-face and through other means, and time putting that knowledge to good use when I am developing a ceremony that reflects who you are.
  • Your ceremony will make the guests feel included, part of the occasion and not just an audience. I interact with them, as well as with you. And I ensure there are opportunities for you to interact with them as well.
  • I don't have my head buried in my script throughout - but nor do I wing it on the day.
  • I won't insert anything that is solely designed as an opportunity for me to shine. I repeat it's not about me, it's about you
  • I won't force you to do anything you don't want to do (except the legal bits if you are getting married - but that's not me insisting, it is the law and my job isn't to make you comply, it is to red card you if you don't)
  • I'll work with your photographer and videographer to make sure your photos/videos are fabulous (and that no celebrant body parts get in the way)
  • and I won't recycle tired old words that someone else has written (have you noticed how often you recognise the words in so many ceremonies - and I'm not talking about for better for worse, for richer for poorer, I'm talking about all the other words in the ceremony.)
With me as your celebrant the lead-up to your ceremony will be relaxed, stress-free, and fun. On the day your ceremony won't be a ho-hum experience incorporating outdated gender stereotypes, (which the average wedding ceremony, or, to be brutally honest, average commitment ceremony for same sex couples) almost depends on.

Nor will your ceremony include tired old rituals or long-winded readings used as fillers, a blow-by-blow account of how you met and the daily details of your relationship, or presumptuous and boring lectures.

And where you want to be married but your legal or ID documentation situation is tricky not a problem. I know the Marriage Act inside out and if anyone can make your marriage happen, it is me.

My aim is that you have a ceremony that is perfect for you, that no-one looks at their watch, and everyone goes away saying "that was so them...." so I take a very creative approach to fusing tradition (a much or as little as you want) with your personal style to create a contemporary personal ceremony. I will manage your ceremony, conduct it with warmth and good humour, but do nothing to make myself the centre of attention - this is your day, you will be centre-stage. It IS all about you
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