Commitment Ceremonies
For any one of a number of reasons you may not be able to legally marry, for example, you are a same-sex couple, or a couple that was married overseas away from family and friends. Or you may just wish to celebrate your relationship with family and friends without making a legal commitment. While a  commitment ceremony has no legal standing, it is an act of love, a ceremony that celebrates your love and expresses your commitment to one another in the presence of family and friends.  It can also be an intensely private experience for the two of you with no witnesses.

The format of a commitment ceremony is similar to that of a wedding, but without the legal requirements. As well as vows, exchange of rings or other symbolic gifts, and that all-important public kiss, symbolic rituals can be included.

I will be glad to help you plan your commitment ceremony so that it reflects what you and your partner most value. I do so with the following commitment to couples who love each other, but are unable or unwilling for a variety of reasons to legally marry: I will not just perform a  commitment ceremony for you;  I will feel honoured to be able to to do so.

Celebration of Registered Relationship, Civil Partnership, or overseas Legal Marriage

Where you have already registered your relationship or your civil partnership (it is free to do that with Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Queensland) we can tailor you commitment ceremony to be a celebration of that.

Commitment Ceremony Packages
(printable summary of what is included in each package)

Fee includes travel to a ceremony site up to 50km from my office (100km return). Cost for travel above 100km by negotiation. Part of this fee is required upfront as a booking fee to confirm the date and time in my diary and start the process of ceremony development.

A Couture Commitment Ceremony is the full "white-wedding" experience. It includes a full-caste rehearsal, and PA system if the number of guests requires one. while a Simpler Couture ceremony is a simpler version of this that requires no rehearsal. because there is no bridal party as such.

My Intimate Couture Commitment Ceremonies focus on the promises you make to each other - I work with you to create those promises and set them within a ceremony that acknowledges your guests and witnesses individually and celebrates your commitment to each other.  The ceremony is purpose-written for you, not pre-scripted. (And if you're having a commitment ceremony, it is perfectly acceptable to have no guests at all!)

The Warm and Wonderful Weekday/Weekend Commitment Ceremony is designed for those who want the ease and simplicity of organising a ceremony without a great deal of input, but who also want the ceremony to be romantic and very personal.

More information about commitment ceremonies for same sex couples please visit my dedicated website Pride Ceremonies®

Whichever ceremony style you choose  the focus is on you and the promises you make to each other. All include a high level of engagement with you,  unlimited phone and email consultation, an individually written ceremony, generous amount of travel, performance of the ceremony at the venue of your choice, beautifully presented printed keepsake, certificate, and use of an elegant pen for the signing.